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photographs by Jiri Matejicek


to the gallery of Jiri Matejicek's photographs. Current exhibit shows color photographs from London, taken in May 1998. This is a second part of the "SimpliCity" series, presenting tiny cityscapes in a search for beauty in simplicity. The first part, showing photos from American cities, can be found in theArchive. The title is taken from the 'spearhead' photo of the same name, and suggests that, despite its rainy and foggy reputation, one can find sunshine in London...

This page contains thumbnails, to give you a quick overview. Click on any picture to get its larger size version. Then, you can use the 'previous', 'index', 'next' buttons to navigate through the exhibit. Please respect my copyrights and do not use the images for anything else than viewing, unless you get my expressed permission. Enjoy your visit, let me know what you think and please come back again.

taxi metro
corner rooftops
trifids door
telephone booths rosette window cone
me intruder arrow
abstract 1 abstract 2 new facade

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