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photographs by Jiri Matejicek


to the gallery of Jiri Matejicek's photographs. Current exhibit shows selected photographs from a canoeing trip on the river Ohre I made in 1997. The photos represent a small peek into the beautiful corners of Western Bohemia, surrounding the river.

This page contains thumbnails, to give you a quick overview. Click on any picture to get its larger size version. Then, you can use the 'previous', 'index', 'next' buttons to proceed through the entire exhibit in any order you wish. Please respect my copyrights and do not use the images for anything else than viewing, unless you get my expressed permission. Enjoy your visit, let me know what you think and please come back again.

Loket Sign Soos - Big
Soos - Detail Svatos House Wall
Roof Windows Street Lamp Stairs

Coming next: Simplicity series, part 2 - London

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First posted 5/16/97, last updated 9/15/09. Copyright © 1996-2009 Jiri Matejicek.