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photographs by Jiri Matejicek


to the gallery of Jiri Matejicek's photographs. Current exhibit, "SimpliCity", shows 18 color photographs from American cities. These images show less than usual sight, rather a small detail from a broad cityscape viewed by a common passerby. Detail, which is observed by a person who stops in a daily rush, who gives a moment to a closer look. Detail, which is extracted by a camera lens, in an attempt to find beauty in simplicity.
This page contains thumbnails, to give you a quick overview. Click on any picture to get its larger size version. Then, you can use the 'previous', 'index', 'next' buttons to proceed through the entire exhibit in any order you wish. Please respect my copyrights and do not use the images for anything else than viewing. Enjoy your visit, let me know what you think and please come back again.

Picasso - photo
Homage To Picasso
(New York, NY 12/97)

Red Lamp- photo
Red Lamp
(Boston, MA 12/97)

Peep Land - photo
Former Peep Land
(New York, NY 11/96)

Colors... - photo
Colors, Colors, Colors
(New York, NY 11/96)

Glass Roof - photo
Glass Roof
(Cambridge, MA 1/98)

Liberty - photo
The Copper Lady And The Sky
(New York, NY 1/98)

Back Stage - photo
Back Stage
(Madison, WI 11/97)

Garage Corner - photo
Garage Corner
(Madison, WI 11/97)

Station - photo
Tube Station On Charles River
(Boston, MA 1/98)

1050 - photo
1050 Store Sign
(Cambridge, MA 1/98)

Xmas Street - photo
Christmas Time In Cambridge
(Cambridge, MA 1/98)

Artsgarden - photo
(Indianapolis, IN 9/97)

Red Tables - photo
Foodcourt At Night
(Indianapolis, IN 9/97)

Virtual World - photo
Virtual World
(Indianapolis, IN 9/97)

California Cafe - photo
California Cafe
(Indianapolis, IN 9/97)

Mystery Of Light - photo
Mystery Of Light
(Indianapolis, IN 9/97)

Walk! - photo
(Indianapolis, IN 9/97)

Exit Exit - photo
Exit Exit
(Indianapolis, IN 9/97)

Here is some sort of 'artist statement'.

Your impressions, suggestions, comments etc. are absolutely, unconditionally, welcome - or your money back. :-)

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First posted 5/16/97, last updated 9/15/09. Copyright 1996-2009 Jiri Matejicek.