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Are you a full-time artist or is it a hobby?

Iíve been retired from full-time work for 7 years now so itís a hobby that I do full-time!!

Do you make living from it?

I wish I could - Iíve sold the odd print here and there, done some craft fairs, that sort of thing but nothing major.

Do you still remember your first encounter with digital/fractal art?

I do - I saw some Apophysis flame fractals on Renderosity and knew I had to try creating them myself.

Did you want to do this yourself right from that moment or has it developed over time?

Other things have developed over time from that - using Ultra Fractal, which I find a lot harder and also creating artwork in Photoshop Elements and combining it with fractals.

For how long do you create digital/fractal art and how has it evolved over the years?

Iíve been creating fractals for over 3 years now. I think my art has evolved as my skill in using Apophysis and Ultra Fractal has developed. I use much more texturing now, Iím more aware of light and shade, and of creating a good balance within the framework of the picture.

What are your favorite tools?

Apophysis, Ultra Fractal, Photoshop Elements and my imagination.

Where do you get inspiration for your images?

Sometimes shapes and colour combinations in nature, but mostly from my imagination.

Please describe the your 'process of creation'. When you start, do you already have some idea about the final look? Or do you play around until something interesting develops and then tweak it to your desire?

I donít often start with an idea of the final look, mostly I just follow my imagination and see what happens. With Ultra Fractal I can go back to an image over and over again, making slight alterations before itís finally finished. With Apophysis, itís a much quick process.

Do you also use other media for making images?

Iím absolutely useless at any traditional art form which is why Iím so happy to be able to use the computer to express my artistic ideas.

What do you want to achieve with your art?

I just want to continue creating my art - which is mainly for myself - and if other people like it too, then thatís a huge bonus.