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On March 11, 1999, I was interviewed by Debi Fisher, co-editor of the
Artgally News Palette.
This is the original Q+A text, the final version can be found here.

> 1)  How did you get interested in your field?
Depends on which one.
As for my work - materials science - it was not a straight, immediate
decision. When I was in high school, I didn't have much idea what to do,
but I was good at math and physics, so I went to Czech Tech. And after
some time, I began to like it. I'm quite close to finishing my PhD in this
field and will probably stay in it in the future.
As for art - that's just my hobby, but very important. My interest in
visual art started to grow while I was in college. Before that, all those
pictures really did not talk to me too much, maybe except photographs. Now
I'm as keen spectator as I like to 'make' images myself. I made my first
serious one out of sorrow when my first love let me down (and I think it's
still one of the best). Then I just kept doing more, when ispiration came
and time permitted. And I'm enjoying shows and exhibits as well, since
around the same time, but I don't think it's too related - in my images, I
certainly do not try to copy the classics.

> 2) Do you have any work on display?

> 3) If so , where ?
One of my pics is hanging in the College of Publicistics, Prague, CZ.
I don't have any regular display, a list of places (on and off the web)
where my images have been or are displayed is at

> 4) Do you have a web site where people surfing the net can go ?
My own gallery(Mondo Colorado):
Mini-gallery from wonderful Sandy Woods (Jiri's Artarama):

> 5) Who or who is your favorite?
M.C.Escher, Rene Magritte, Victor Vasarely, Jiri Kolar, Jiri Sliva, plenty
of Czech masters you probably don't know;
Ansel Adams, David Muench, Josef Sudek, Karl Blossfeldt, Tono Stano, Henri

> 6) Can you tell us a little about yourself ?
My goal in life: to be a good man.
My likes: (besides visual art and photography) music, travels, outdoors,
biking, hiking, swimming.

> 7) How did you find ArtGally?
I don't remember - I found it 1st time when it was still CSW on geocities
- it was their 2nd show, I think that I entered first. Could be some link
from Geocities, maybe Ring around SoHo, maybe accidental surf-on.

> 8) Anything else you would like to add to this ?
Something more about my creations:
I haven't got any formal art education, I rely solely on my eyes, brain
and angels of fantasy.
I make mostly photographs, collages and a bit of digital images. 
While the photographs represent a record of the outer world, most of my
hand-made images are purely creations of my mind. 
Any more questions? I'll be happy to answer. I'm not very good at talking
just myself.

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