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Basic information
Hello. I have created this document for artists who are exhibiting in our gallery or are interested in it. As there have been numerous requests for exhibits, I feel I need to clarify the situation for you, as well as for myself. Here are some general rules. Below is a table showing the current situation of the requests and their fulfillment. Please have patience - I do this in my free time and I have family and I have work.

  • This is a free gallery.
  • I don't a priori discriminate in content, as you can see from the variety of styles present in the gallery. Only exception is grossly offensive content and anything that would violate the provider's Terms of service. If I see some aesthetic value, you can get in. So far, nobody has been turned down.
  • Generally, requests are fulfilled in the order received. However, preference is given to those who don't have their own website and to updates of current exhibits. If I don't receive your images within 3 months from the request, you may lose your position in the queue.
  • For artists who do have their own website, there is a limit of 6 to 9 images for new exhibits after November 2000, unless the submitted images are different from those on their website.
  • The guest exhibits will be interspersed with my own ones, depending on the influx of requests, at my discretion.
  • You have the final word in what images will be displayed, you can suggest or let me pick.
  • I am open to suggestions on the page layout and content. I will place a link to the main gallery on your front page. Any promotion of your page in our gallery will be appreciated.

    Name	Request	New or	Have a	Fulfilled
    		update	website
    James	9/99	n	y	2/01
    Didier	12/99	u	n	6/00	
    Michael	1/00	n	n	3/00
    Jiri				8/00
    Fred	4/00	n	y	9/00
    Eva	4/00	u	n	9/00
    Ursula	???	u	y	1/01
    Jiri				4/01
    Renata	6/00	n	y	2/02
    Tom	6/00	n	y	2/02
    Sevda	8/00	u	y	5/01
    Jiri				12/02
    Dan	1/01	u	y	10/02
    Claudio	3/01	n	n	5/03
    Eva	1/02	u	n	2/02
    Juan	8/03	n	y	8/04
    Eva	5/04	u	n	6/04
    Didier	9/04	u	n	10/04
    Jiri				12/05
    Didier	6/05	u	n	3/06
    Jiri				5/07
    Eva	9/07	u	n	10/07
    Maggie	9/07	n	y	10/07
    Jiri				4/08
    Note: Quite a number of people who requested exhibits in the past have not responded to my final call for images. Thus, door is open for _you_.

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    Last updated 9/15/09.