Diana Lee

"The main reason that I paint is so that I can see with my eyes what I picture in my mind. I enjoy being able to express my thoughts visually to myself and others. I don't often attempt to make grand social or philosophical statements with my art. I tend to focus more on making pictures that are pleasant to look at.
Although my introduction to art took place shortly after high school, I didn't begin working in earnest until I was in my forties. That is probably the greatest single reason for my working in so many different media - part of me feels the need to make up for lost time."

Diana Lee

This gallery contains three rooms, according to medium: Oils, Scratchboard (white) and Scratchboard (black). Each room contains six images. Click on any thumbnail or title below to enter. Then you can use the [previous], [index] and [next] buttons to proceed through the entire exhibit.







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