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  The Photography Book  by Ian Jeffrey  (Phaidon Press, 2000)

500 pages with 500 of the most important photographs in the entire history of the medium. Each photograph is accompanied by excellent notes that help the reader go beyond the image. The put the photos in context - with the process of making, with the aesthetical and philosophical aspects, with different styles, with the author's life, with history of photography and history as such. At the end, one can find glossary of terms and a directory of the most important museums and galleries. This is the ultimate photography guide.

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  Take a Look: An Introduction to the Experience of Art  by Rosemary Davidson  (Penguin 1994)

A lively, unconventional and easy-to-read guide to various aspects of art, mostly for young readers.

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  Picture This: A Visual Diary  by Tipper Gore  (Broadway Books 1996)

Being 'in the spotlight' by virtue of being a Vice President's wife, Tipper Gore was the subject of nearly constant photographers' attention. In this book, she offers a candid, skilfully crafted and quite touching view in the other direction, enhanced by personal "diary".

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  Photomosaics  by Robert Silvers  (Henry Holt 1997)

A beautiful combination of art and technology. Thousands of tiny images of all kinds are put together in an artful scheme, forming a large image - icons that we have seen so many times, but never this way.

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